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Transfer booking

How do I book a transfer?
To book a transfer please use our search form. You need to provide the following information: ‘from’, ‘to’, ‘arrival date’, ‘return date’ and ‘number of passengers’. Please select an appropriate transfer type in the search results and give your contact details.
Do I receive a written confirmation when a booking has been made?
Go Alpes will send you a message with a link thanks to which you could to go to your booking page. When you click the link you will see a complete list with services booked and their status. The service is confirmed when it had received the status ‘Confirmed’. You can also download a voucher with confirmed services in PDF format.
How to indicate the correct transfer time?
If you need a transfer from the airport, please remember to indicate the time of arrival. If the time of arrival is changed, please contact us as soon as possible.
If you need a transfer from a hotel to the airport, please indicate date and check-out time. The transfer search result page indicates an estimated travel time.
How to indicate the flight number correctly?
Please indicate a full flight number consisting of two-character airline designator and a digit number. For example, ‘SU2380’ is a correct flight number, but ‘2380’ is incorrect.
How many days before the departure should I book a transfer?
It is best to book a transfer in advance. In case of advanced bookings, some discounts are available which involve transfers at advantageous prices.
Can’t you find the places of departure and destination in our list?
If you have not found your places of departure and destination in the searching tool, please contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by phone.


How to pay for a transfer?
You will pay for a transfer according to the payment schedule available at the booking page. The two possible options are:
а) • an advance payment of 25% and the remaining amount paid to the driver after arrival,
b) payment of the whole amount in advance.
Which payment methods do you accept?
You can pay with a credit card or by bank transfer.
Which payment cards do you accept?
We accept: VISA Credit, VISA Debit, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro.
In which currency my credit card will be charged?
The credit card will be charged in euro.
Are there any additional charges of which I should be aware?
No. There are no ‘hidden’ costs. We do not charge for waiting, night services or stopping due to a jam.
Is the price per vehicle or per person?
The price is per vehicle or few vehicles for the whole group
Does the price depend on the travel dates?
Yes, prices are different at weekends and on working days. They also depend on the number of persons to be transported.

Change or cancellation of bookings

Is it possible to make changes in a booking paid for?
If it is more than 24 h before the departure, please contact us in a way that suits you best and inform us about any changes
Should any changes in the order take place in less than one day before the departure, they may not be accepted.
Can I cancel my booking?
Yes, you can cancel your booking by contacting us in a way that suits you best.
Reimbursement of advance payment in case of cancellation of a booking
You can cancel your booking with 5% fee at least 72 h before a transfer. However, if the cancellation takes place in less than 72 h before a transfer, we will impose a penalty payment in the amount of 25% of the transfer cost.

Meeting with a driver

How to find a driver at the place of meeting?
Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport or in a hotel, holding a sign with your name on it. We will send you the phone number of the driver one day before a transfer.
What should I do in case of a flight delay?
The driver will be waiting for you 90 minutes for free. After - 45 eur / hour.
What to do if the driver is absent at the place of meeting?
We will send you the phone number of the driver one day before a transfer. If the driver is absent at the place of meeting, please call him or contact our office in a way that suits you best.
What language the driver speaks?
Our drivers speak Russian, French, English and Polish.

Transfer conditions

What if I travel with children?
Each child at any age shall be considered as a passenger. This has to be taken into account at the time of indicating number of passengers in the booking form.
How to order child safety seats?
When booking on the website, please specify number and sizes of child safety seats. Children taller than 135 cm do not need child safety seats.
How much luggage am I allowed to take?
There are no luggage restrictions. We use cars with an extended body, therefore the loading of big suitcases and ski equipment does not cause problems.
Can I smoke in a vehicle?
No, smoking is not permitted in our vehicles.
Can a driver stop a vehicle or drive to other address?
The fee is charged for a travel from a definite place to a definite place of destination, without any stops and re-routing. If there is a need for a longer stop or re-routing, it should be agreed with a driver on site.
What happens if my flight is delayed?
When you find out that your flight is delayed, please inform a driver. Please use the phone number which we had sent you or contact us in a way that suits you best.
What happens if my arrival is before the scheduled time?
If you landed earlier than the fixed transfer time, it is possible that a driver holding a sign with your name has not come yet on site. Please stand close to the exit from the arrivals hall and wait for a driver.
You can call or send an SMS message to a driver to speed up the meeting.
Important! It is not possible to refund money if you order a taxi.
What if I travel with animals?
The transport of animals is regulated by law. Each animal shall be transported in a portable pet carrier and have all required certificates and documents in accordance with the applicable law of a given country.
Important! In case of infringement of regulations or lack of documents, a driver has the right to refuse transportation.
Any damage caused by animals in vehicle during a transit shall be subject to compensation.
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